Don’t worry, it’s not uncommon to not know where to find your device model, we’ll soon fix that! We get it, not everyone is up to scratch on phone and tablet makes and models.

Have you ever been in the situation where somebody has asked you what phone you have and your response is simply: ‘Oh, it’s a Samsung!’ or ‘You know, the new HTC…’ and the other person is waiting for you to finish off the sentence? Hehehe, rookie mistake!

One of these scenarios often presents itself when we go to purchase tablet or phone accessories. Knowing which model you have can make the difference between getting the right and getting the wrong smartphone and tablet accessories delivered to you. Although many phones and tablets look the same, they are not! If you purchase the wrong case or screen protector, it may cover up important buttons, or your camera, or it will not fit at all ultimately leading to your device being damaged. If you buy the wrong charger, it may ruin the battery on your phone or tablet. If you purchase the wrong earphones, the jack may not fir the device correctly.

Well, stop your worrying. We’re here to help! We will show you some very simple ways to find out your tablet and phone model.

Your tablet or phone manufacturer is not the same as your tablet or phone service

Your service provider is not the manufacturer of your phone. Although it may seem a little confusing, Vodafone, Meteor and 3, and the rest of the service providers globally do not manufacturer your device.

Phone and tablet manufacturers

Here is a short list of some of the major phone manufacturers worldwide:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Nokia
  • Motorola
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Blackberry
  • Motorola
  • Huawei
  • Microsoft
  • OnePlus

Things to know about mobile phone manufacturers

Every device manufacturer has what’s known as a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) which is essentially the Model number. Often times, a phone manufacturer will use a common prefix in their MPN. Here are some examples of manufacturer prefixes:


W, V, Z (Examples of Motorola Part numbers: W385, V3, Z6tv)


SPH, SCH, SGH (Examples of Samsung MPN: SGH-T429, SPH-i325, SGH-X495)


VX, AX, UX, CU, LX (Examples of LG MPN: VX10000, AX355, UX8600, CU575, LX260)


K, W, Z (Examples of Sony MPN: K750, W580, Z525)

Although not every phone has a prefix to its MPN, this can be very helpful when locating your MPN on your phone.

Locating your MPN/Model number

Turn off your device and remove the back cover/battery. Find the barcode on the inside of your phone or tablet (not the barcode on the battery) that may be labelled IMEI, DEC, or ESN. The MPN/Model number should be found right above this bar code.

Note: This does not apply to Apple – in order to retain your MPN for Apple, you must contact Apple with your IMEI number. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, dial *#06# into your device and call. This will display your IMEI number on screen.

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