Yesterday, my brother and business partner Mike sent me a WhatsApp message.

We had “another one” in our store (Fix My i Mullingar). This particular issue was becoming more and more frequent.

This screenshot of a WhatsApp message below explains it all…

So this particular customer made a wise decision. She decided to protect her top of the range and very expensive Samsung Galaxy S8 with a Screen Hero tempered glass just after she bought it. In my opinion, Samsung phones are the best devices on the market at the moment.

However, they have one major flaw.  This flaw that only becomes apparent when it is too late. Their screen repair prices are incredibly expensive – €150 – €400 depending on the device! On average, ten people walk into our stores every single day with broken Samsung screens and once they get the price, they go home and put their top of the range phone in a drawer. As the customer always says “I can get a new phone for that price”.

This particular woman, who bought an inexpensive Screen Hero saved herself €325. Screen Hero tempered glass range from only €19.99 to €29.99. Screen Hero is made of actual glass and as a result, it did its job and it protected this wise customers device. Screen Hero is built to take the impact of a fall. As you can see from the pictures, the Screen Hero shattered and saved the Samsung S8.

We were happy because Screen Hero did its job and as a result, we had a very happy customer.

I created Screen Hero for one simple reason – to save our customers from having to fork out hundreds of their hard earned cash repairing their phone or tablet after an unexpected fall.  Breaking your phone or tablet is not a nice experience and paying for an expensive repair really compounds that sour taste.

I knew I could create a product to help prevent this; a product our loyal customers loved. So I spent 12 months researching, developing and sourcing the strongest tempered glass available. We sell the largest range of Irish owned tempered glass in Ireland, covering over 90% of the devices on sale in Ireland with free next day delivery. As you can see from the packaging below, we don’t hold back on quality plus its extremely easy to apply.

All Screen Hero products are available in our stores below and online here.

Fix My i – Tullamore 

Fix My i – Mullingar

Wireless – Athlone 

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