Well boy did we have fun!

Today we decided to have some fun with our pal Screen Hero and in doing so, we get to show you all just how durable it is! I’m sure you’re all aware at this stage what the purpose of Screen Hero is, but just in case you’re not…

Screen Hero is a premium tempered glass screen solution for all smart mobile devices that offers:

  • 0.33mm in thickness, surpassing our competitors globally
  • Scratch and shatter resistance
  • Rounded edges
  • Bubble-free automatic absorption
  • An oleophobic layer that’s washable and waterproof that allows fingerprints and marks to be easily wiped away
  • Outstanding touch and mirror function integrated technology

Although the sun wasn’t shining (big shocker in Ireland, right?) we didn’t let that put us down! We brought Screen Hero along to the local football pitch and decided to test just how strong it was. It didn’t let us down, doing exactly what it’s there to do! We pucked it across the bar using hurlys, and not at any kind of half speed either! No, our Screen Hero didn’t survive the impact, but our phone screen did! Just look at the pics below, our tempered glass shielded our phone screen leaving no marks, amazing! We used our phone as a football, protecting its screen using Screen Hero kicking it full force over the bar. Once again, Screen Hero saved the day this time, the tempered glass wasn’t even damaged!

After a few hours on the pitch, we decided it was time to let Screen Hero have a break and go for a drive.. Little did it know, it was in for a bumpy ride! We left our phone on the roof of the car, as many of us do accidentally! We put our foot on the gas and let it flyyyy! *insert superman music here* Our pal didn’t let us down though. Yes… Screen Hero took one for the team! Again, our phone screens survived the impact! Not one mark! I mean, the car was traveling at a speed of 60km/h. A great test to show just how strong Screen Hero is. We had a lot of fun with this one. You can see the pics below.

Screen Hero had to have been getting tired at this stage, so it said goodbye to the guys to return home for a nap… or so it thought. A TRIP TO THE NIECES AND NEPHEWS, I SAID! We all know just how much little kids love shiny phones and tablets (in case you don’t, they love them A LOT). The minute they got them in hand, FLYYYYYYY right across the tarmac. We even had it run over by a motorized wheelchair that weighs 180kg! A tiny crack in the tempered glass this time… but I’d prefer that than a crack in my LCD on my phone, wouldn’t you? A €20 replacement sounds better to me than a €300 replacement!

All in all, Screen Hero did exactly what it said it would, provided ultimate protection for our phone screens. It’s easily the best on the market, and what’s more it’s 100% Irish! What are you waiting for?

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