FAQs: Screen Hero tempered glass protectors

A tempered glass protector is a multi-layered screen protector. It has a bottom layer of absorbent silicon and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass layer on top of that. The final layer is an “oleophobic” coating which is waterproof and mark proof.
Tempered glass is typically up to five times stronger than normal glass.

Screen Hero is a tempered glass screen protector. It is made from premium tempered glass. It provides ultimate shatter-free, shock absorbing protection for your mobile device. It’s only 0.33mm thick, with a 9H scratch resistant surface.

The Screen Hero’s rounded edges fit your screen perfectly and create an automatic absorption. It has an oleophobic layer which means it’s washable and waterproof. It also means fingerprints and marks are easily wiped away.

To make the glass capable of sustaining shock damage, it needs to have a certain thickness. We have managed to make Screen Hero just 0.33mm thick, while still maintain the toughness of the glass.

Tempered glass is completely different from standard plastic film screen protectors, which only protect your device from light scuffs. Tempered glass will protect your screen from heavy scratches and impacts.

Film protectors can also be tricky to fit and often have problems with air bubbles. The feel of the Screen Hero is also different – our tempered glass feels and responds the same as your original smartphone screen. You won’t even notice it’s there!

Screen Hero isn’t meant to be unbreakable, in fact it is designed to break when there is a strong impact. The purpose of the protector is to absorb the shock from being hit or dropped, leaving your expensive smartphone screen unharmed and saving you up to hundreds of euros in replacement costs. With the built-in PET film, you can easily remove the glass protector if it breaks and fit a new one.

Screen Hero tempered glass is made of hardened Asahi glass, which is nine times stronger than ordinary glass. The glass is tempered, or hardened, in an oven at 500°C for five hours. This process hardens the surface up to 8-9H,  which is three times stronger than regular PET screen protector films.

Screen Hero tempered glass also has a built-in oleophobic coating, which not only reduces fingerprints but also make Screen Hero tempered glass very easy to clean.

Yes! Screen Hero is produced from a specially made Japanese glass.

Glass has certain advantages in terms of high-definition display and sensitivity. The glass we use for Screen Hero protectors breaks differently than normal glass, creating more rounded edges of glass pieces instead of the jagged shards that regular glass creates. And tempered glass is up to five times stronger than normal glass.

The unique silicon adhesive system allows for a simple and bubble-free application. As long as you clean your screen as instructed, applying the screen protector couldn’t be easier. Simply align it accurately and watch the glass apply to your screen automatically.

Included on the back of  each package are step-by-step instructions on how to install the protector. We’ve also prepared a great video to show you how it’s done!

Screen Hero protectors are designed to remain on your device as long as you need them. They can be lifted off when required and won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Gently lift a corner of the tempered glass and you will be able to seamlessly removed the used or damaged Screen Hero tempered glass.

Most covers and cases fit with Screen Hero. Covers that might potentially cause a problem with the Screen Hero are those bulky cases which surround the front of the phone.

Generally speaking, bumpers will fit easily with Screen Hero protectors, especially covers and cases made of rubber.

Screen Hero is resistant to scratches from everyday objects such as keys and coins. But, as with all glass, the Screen Hero can be scratched by hard materials if a certain amount of force is applied.

To remove air bubbles when installing your Screen Hero, use the included microfiber cloth – push it across the screen and get the remaining air bubbles out.

If you have larger bubbles, you should lift the glass up at the corners and sides, then let it fall back into place.

For tiny bubbles, use a fingernail to push gently against them until they are pushed out.

Even with manufacturer warranties, it would still cost €50 – €300 to replace a broken screen on your smartphone or tablet. For a fraction of that price, Screen Hero tempered glass will absorb almost any impact and sacrifice itself for your device’s screen.

So if you break your Screen Hero, we recommend replacing it immediately. If you drop your phone without a Screen Hero tempered glass protector, anything could happen!

Absolutely not! On top of providing maximum screen protection, Screen Hero will not lessen or alter the sensitivity of touch screens. Screen Hero is visibly clear and does not distort the images on your screen – plus it actually helps to reduce the appearance of fingerprints on your devices.

Sadly, there’s no product in existence that can stop screens from breaking if they’re hit hard enough. But with a Screen Hero protector, you’re giving your phone an extra safety measure that will increase the screen’s resistance by up to 900%.

Your screen can still break if hit very hard, or at a vulnerable spot. By adding a Screen Hero, your device will have an extra layer of protection that makes your phone stronger and increases resistance to shocks and drops.

Oh no, we’re sorry you can’t find what you’re looking for :-(. However, the great news is that we regularly update our already vast range of Screen Hero protectors. If you can’t find your device listed, please contact us and we’ll let you know if we are planning on stocking a Screen Hero for your device in the near future.

Yes! If the tempered glass is temporarily removed at the corner, it’s possible to reapply the glass in exactly the same way as the first application. Just be careful not to touch the adhesive part and make sure to reapply the protector shortly after removal to minimise exposure to air and dust.

Reapplication will not affect the quality of the glue or the protector. However, for the best results, we don’t recommend reapplication.

The shape of the iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 plus is unique. Due to the slight curve feature around the edges, the tempered glass protector is designed to only cover the flat part of the screen – making sure it doesn’t lift at the edge. This is not a design fault, it has been deliberately manufactured this way to bring you the best possible protection.

Screen Hero is specifically designed to break if excessive shocks occur – the purpose being to absorb the damage and help save your original screen. Like all glass, Screen Hero is most vulnerable at the corners, as it is an exposed and unprotected surface. If you are experiencing split corners, this is just a sign of all the bumps your phone is receiving – any one of which could have resulted in a broken screen! Screen Hero has been absorbing shocks at your phone’s most vulnerable spot.